“We are as young as the biological age of our brain and all other organs”.  We cannot stop ageing, but we can reverse it biologically, normally by about 8 to 10 years, and delay the progression of ageing.

Add Quality Life to our Longevity, and not just years to our lives

Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Mike Chan

35 Years Of

Growing up a poor child, hardship was a motivator for me to succeed in life.

Reflecting today on 20 years of business across 70 countries, I’ve found that my foray into the regenerative medicine industry has, by some fortune, brought me full circle.

It dawns on me that, while I was pressing the ‘pedal-to-the-metal’ to provide for my family, I remained poignant that I was never able to enjoy time with my father, whose presence in my life ended too soon.

There was just not enough life and years together with him.

Vision of Life

With passion and devotion I work zealously developing young teams of professionals, mentoring them toward their full potential.

My constant reminder to them all is that my aim is to add life to years, not just years to life.

It’s a phrase in use since Abraham Lincoln’s time. Today, as the world gets faster and more complicated, I believe it means more than ever before.

& Passions

To me, success has no limits.

Achieving distinction in business affords me the privilege to enjoy childhood dreams and passions.

Breathing the aroma of the finest hand made Italian leather upholstery of my first luxury car was an incredible thrill. Each time I climb in to drive, it is a vivid and sensory reminder of the hours spent gazing at magazines and staring as one drove by.

With family and my personal charitable interests well taken care of, indulging in just one boyish dream adds so much life to my years.


Professionally, adding life to my years has taken a different turn.

For the last thirty years I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from some of the world’s best and most inspiring European biomedical doctors on integrative bio-molecular therapies.

Many had been hidden away for years. It was for me a huge revelation how the body can regenerate and return to good health from chronic and degenerative disease.

As I venture toward a new horizon and officially leave the corporate world I intend stepping up this adult passion for regenerative wellness.

To The World

For me, there has been no greater satisfaction than helping people look and feel younger through rejuvenation and revitalization.

My time now is devoted to the advocacy of biological therapies alongside my supportive peers.

These past few months my time has been spent writing a book; bringing together the fundamentals I have worked with and the treatments and therapies I have watched succeed.

In the months to come I hope to publish as a reference tool for the hundreds of thousands of integrative biomedical and new medicine practitioners around the world.

I look forward in sharing my knowledge so that together, we can add life to years.
Member of the Leopard Club in Locarno Film Festival 2011

Member of the Leopard Club in Locarno Film Festival 2011

About Mike Chan

Mike Chan has accrued more than a quarter of a century of dedicated experience in the field of regenerative medicine; a long time advocate of its components of cell, placental extract and bio-molecular peptide products.

In 2013, Mike was conferred the highest Malaysian state title - equivalent in rank to a British OBE – for his contribution to the nation.

Mike now advises companies and brands in the research and development of new biological medicine and cellular therapy products.

Mike is an avid motoring enthusiast and president of a Super Car Club.

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