2007 WHO, Cairo

2011 Leopard Club, Locarno

2011 Asia Pacific Top CEO Of The Year Award, Kuala Lumpur

2012 NBTA Award, Geneva

2013 International Star For Leadership In Quality Award, Paris

2019 MIT, Massachusetts

2019 A4M Thailand Symposium, Bangkok

2020 BrandLaureate Award, Kuala Lumpur

Living Testimony of Anti-aging Advocate

Throughout my travels, I’ve met friends, clients, and business partners from every part of the world. In our conversations, the topic of ageing inevitably pops up – and many of them who have seen me recently tell me that I look much younger NOW compared to many years ago. Years spent studying and practicing biological medicine, sometimes under the gruelling sun or in the frigid cold, would exert a toll on anyone’s appearance, after all, and my work commitments mean that I rarely get the chance to exercise or visit a fitness centre. I also have a legendary appetite, eating way more than even my younger staff members, and on average only get roughly 4-5 hours of sleep per day for the past 35 years or so.

Yet here I am, at my age, looking slimmer, fitter, healthier, lighter, younger and still cognitively sharp – I still look and feel good.

Many have asked me, “Mike, what’s your secret formula?”

Well, it’s not exactly a secret: in addition to a healthy and active lifestyle, I sincerely believe in the regenerative medicine and stem cell therapies that my team and I spend years developing, testing, and administering to thousands of people around the world, and personally use many of them as part of my own health and wellness regime. The extensive research we’ve done on our products allow me to confidently take on the role of being a living and breathing testimony of anti-aging treatments!

The benefits of regenerative medicine are as clear as day. As you can see from my before-after photos, not much has changed in nearly 20 years – I dare say that I even look much better now compared to the me from all those years ago!

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