I embrace every piece of wisdom in this video, and would like to add on my own personal principles in life.

I will always aspire to make a difference - to give a helping hand wherever I can, and to remain humble and kind to all... irrespective of faith, status, and color, and to show kindness and respect to animals as well.

Always INSPIRE, and not just ASPIRE before I EXPIRE over time. I will always dream big and work hard for that dream. Though so far in life, the Lord has been kind to me, I will always remind myself to work hard so that I can claim these blessings as my own. After all, nothing is free except the air that we breathe. Only when we grasp success with our own effort will we be able to keep our heads held high. That said, these desires must also be tampered with humility, so that I will never be too greedy.

And finally, I will always be there for all those who need me... whether in the good times, or in the bad times.

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